Today's State of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been around since early 2015, but it’s never been really able to take off. It’s market share is currently at about 4%, or about three times less than the ones from Internet Explorer - which must be depressing for Microsoft. Also, many would argue that Edge doesn’t even cut it for non-power users. So after 3 years, is this still the case?

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Blog Redesign Episode 420

Look who’s back at it again, bringing you yet another redesign (you didn’t expect any content anyways, did you?). Welcome to the 2018 version of this site - basically the same, just with some more sauce.

I actually even have some content planned this time!

Also, just in case you’re interested, this site was built using Haxo, a static site generator and only uses the best ingredients. All the pixels are bio-degradable and a lot of love went into desi- yeah ok there’s actually nothing special at all.

Tune back in a couple days when I’ll be posting some new stuff!

Sauce Recipie