Starting from scratch.


I was not satisfied with my blog. Neither with the content nor the design. So I’m starting from scratch.


I gave my website a complete new design, both the blog and my portfolio page. However, I’m not completely pleased by the looks of it and the portfolio page is still a little bit empty. So still a work in progress.

Also, my old “logo” that I borrowed from Google+ got replaced with something proper, that can also be a little bit animated (try hovering over it in the left top edge).

All this together has eaten more time up than I have thought in the first place, so I hope you like it.

Better content

The old posts were mostly just my thoughts rumbled in a few sentences. Well, when I was posting something. For the future, I have the following plans:

I’ll try to post something at least once per week(ish). However, I won’t upload my photos here anymore. Those will be over at Unsplash.

Hopefully you look forward to these things as much as I do.