Remember your Snippets


So you probably know that reusing code is quite handy and can save a lot of time. However, I have not found a good solution to save all my snippets. Sure, there are things like Codepen, Pastebin or Github Gist, but none of them had all features that I wanted.

Well, so what do I want?

Being disappointed by the offerings, I naturally created my own thing. It’s called Remember, you can get it in the Chrome Web Store and Github.

So what does it better?

It can check all the requirements I have to it, so it’s fast (as it’s locally saved and only a click away), in my opinion okay looking (not quite satisfied yet), supports every language I need except for SCSS (may come in the future), has a adequate search and can copy the entire snippet with just a click. Furthermore, it can also save links, I use that for things like getting jQuery without clicking through the website.

Syncing snippets across devices is not in yet; as has such a limited quota, I have to look into alternatives (feel free to recommend me something). However, I’m still satisfied with what I came up with and it has already saved me a lot of time.