Boost Your Creativity with Templates


There is a very easy way on how to gain new skills and get some creative ideas – by making some templates.

Some simple rules

  1. No frameworks. None. No jQuery, no Bootstrap, no nothing.
  2. Needs to be responsive.
  3. Needs to be done in under an hour.
  4. Do something you’ve never done before.
  5. Keep it simple.

Need ideas for templates?

I have three ways on how to find an idea for a template. First of which being I go to Google Fonts, look at some and imagine what I would use them for. Or I visit Unsplash, scroll through the photos and imagine (pun intended) what I’d use it for. Sometimes I also just think of some hipster start-up thing and create a site for that.

Some days ago, I created a template for a vinyl record shop. Since I’ve actually never created a no-scroll video landing page, I decided to make just that. You can see it in action or even get the full source files. You’re welcome.