My first 7 days of Vue.js experience

If you’ve read my 2017 rewind post, you might remember that I wanted to step up my coding game and leave jQuery and PHP in favor of Vue.js and Node.js. Well, here’s how I’ve held up in my first week using Vue.js.

$6 DIY Smart WiFi Outlets, Controllable With Google Assistant, IFTTT, Tasker and More

Yes, you’ve read the title right. You can get four WiFi outlets that can be controlled in various ways, including the Google Assistant, IFTTT and Tasker – each unit for under $6. And you don’t have to solder.

My 2017

2017 is slowly reaching the end of its lifespan, so it’s time for end-of-year reviews. Here’s mine.

How To Control the Nexus Player’s Volume (Or Why the Google UX is So Weird)

Maybe you remember this product: the Nexus Player. It was the first device running Android TV. However, it didn’t exactly hit the market, as it had many issues and nowadays, there are many better alternatives like the Nvidia Shield. One of the biggest issues: you can’t control the volume.

Fun with Objects and This

Whenever you have an object in Javascript, you can create a lot of useful things using this. Have a quick demo.

Boost Your Creativity with Templates

There is a very easy way on how to gain new skills and get some creative ideas – by making some templates.

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