Maybe you remember this product: the Nexus Player. It was the first device running Android TV. However, it didn’t exactly hit the market, as it had many issues and nowadays, there are many better alternatives like the Nvidia Shield. One of the biggest issues: you can’t control the volume.

Whenever you have an object in Javascript, you can create a lot of useful things using this. Have a quick demo.

There is a very easy way on how to gain new skills and get some creative ideas – by making some templates.

My Web-Dev Workflow

Finding a matching workflow for you is not as easy as it sounds. I found something that fits me quite well and I’d like to present it to you.

I love flexbox. It solves so many problems CSS used to have. So over the time, I collected a useful but simple snippet I use in many projects.

So you probably know that reusing code is quite handy and can save a lot of time. However, I have not found a good solution to save all my snippets. Sure, there are things like Codepen, Pastebin or Github Gist, but none of them had all features that I wanted.

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