Microsoft is becoming more and more innovative, as we've seen with their Surface line-up. They want to re-invent their products and (even though I'm still not on Windows 10 for several reasons - more on that later) I think the future looks pretty bright. However, before doing anything new, they really need to fix something their OS that never was perfect and I'm afraid of it never being perfect.

The problems

Firstly, I sometimes feel like Windows 10 is like a house that is far from being completely constructed, but you still move in, and while you want to dress up in the bathroom, someone comes in and puts in a new shower, and there's no way to stop him. That's what Windows 10 Home users must feel like, because they have to install all Windows Updates (though this might change as Microsoft has been sued by the "Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Würtemmberg" - German Windows 10 Home users rejoice!). And they are doing this since the release, which is a terrible security flaw, and Microsoft knows this, as Windows 10 Pro users don't need to download all updates. So the Windows 10 Home users are like the bug-testers for the Pro users. What?

One thing that bothers me really hard are the two design schemes. One time the Windows 8 style that "programs" use, and then the Windows 10 scheme that "apps" use. There needs to be one design language, Microsoft! Not two! That's probably one of the biggest things sucking at the UX. Come on, Google, Apple and even Linux have them now for years. It's not 2001.

Also, the start menu is a mess. I really dislike it. However, I think even with Classic Shell installed, I use it less and less as I have all my most used programs in the taskbar (maybe Mac users are right about the dock thing...). Furthermore, Cortana is a nightmare as well. In theory great, but it forces me to use Edge and Bing (unlikely that this will last much longer, as more lawsuits are coming in). And while we're at it, the search is still not sorted well and

Moreover, the Settings are so unstructured. Some things need to be done in Settings, but most things still need to be done in the Control Panel. I have mixed feelings about it, but I feel like Microsoft is trying to make the Settings more friendly as Control Panel, so even your dad can change the basics. Pro-user unfriendly until now. Speaking of two apps doing the same thing, there are so many other apps that share this madness. Two photo viewers (both of which are good for staring at holiday photos, but lack transparency and can't show detailed info by default), even three media players (Windows Media Player, Groove Music and Movies & TV) and two browsers (Edge and Internet Explorer - both not really my thing).

Alt-Tab no longer lets me go to the Desktop, so I have to use Win+D, but that's a minor problem and I can get over with it.

The Info-Center is terrible, it is worlds behind of the notifications we see for example on Android, and most programs don't even use it effectively, not even Microsoft's own apps. For me, only Dropbox annoys me whenever somebody changes a file. Chrome is still using their own notification thing, but then, that's not really Microsoft's fault.

Forcing everybody to log in with a Microsoft account annoys me so hard for some reason, though I wonder why as on my phone it does not at all. Probably because on my phone it syncs stuff with the services I already use like Google Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Drive and so on. So if I was a OneDrive, Outlook, Microsoft hardcore user, it probably would not bother me - but forcing me to become one? Sorry Microsoft, I'm already sold on the Google services.

The explorer also is not was it supposed to be, but with some tweaks it's back to its original glory.

Not to forget that the OS has some weird bugs. For a long time, Cortana just popped out of nowhere. I disabled the hotword and Cortana completely, but then the search just opened instead of Cortana for no goddamn reason.

And lastly, I think Microsoft needs to straighten up the relationships with their partners, so that Microsoft is not the only one creating innovative and awesome products. Because what would you say if someone asks you for great Windows devices? Surface comes to mind, then maybe a Dell XPS, a Razer Blade, and then a long time nothing, where a MacBook formly sits in your head. On the other hand, I can also understand that HP, LG and all the other partners are getting sick of Microsoft. Being partner and competetor can not make a good relationship. (though Microsoft are not the only one trying to do this - Google tries to do the same and we see how that fails as well).

Windows 10 in general feels like a can with legacy programs mixed with new stuff which is mostly not yet completed.

What I'm doing to come around those issues

I'm using Windows 8.1. Yup, you heard it here first folks, somebody is using Windows 8.1 on my desktop.

But why the hell would I do that? Long story short, with Classic Shell and OldNewExplorer it is the newest OS that has the Windows 7 experience, yet with a modern feel thanks to the UI (by that I mean Windows 8 Aero, NOT the app design; I never use any of the apps) and support for newer features like UEFI and fast booting.

And yes, I feel good with my decission. However, I probably would not use it for a laptop though. Windows 10 is in my opinion the only option for laptops (especially ones that have a touch screen - and I love touch screen laptops), even though it is far from being perfect.

What Microsoft needs to do

Microsoft: you need to fix the user experience on your OS! Create a universal design language and help developers to update their existing products! Work with your partners and not against them! And get your software teams to work in one direction - not in a hundred different ones (this also goes out to others like Google).

Getting work done on Windows is perfectly fine, but the things around it can drive me crazy. Google and especially Apple have come to a near perfect result there. I just want them to create something that feels good. It does not feel so right now, but I hope it will in the near future.



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