With Prime, Amazon has made a very weird product. It's very cheap but seems to offer a lot: free premium shipping, Prime Video and Music and a lot of other benefits. But can this service be better than Netflix, Spotify, Google Play and Co. alltogether?

Prime Shipping

Starting with the probably best done thing about Amazon Prime - the premium shipping. The idea is great in theory, but in praxis it's very limited. You have to order before a specific time, it only works with products shipped by Amazon and it's not always there on the next day. I mean, don't get me wrong. This sucks. But at least they make a little bit of sense - something that Amazon Prime does not do often.

Amazon Prime Music

Oh boy... now it starts. Spotify revolutioned the music industry just like Apple did with iTunes way back in the years, and other brands like to jump on the streaming train as well. There's Deezer, Google Play Music, Apple Music and - sadly - Amazon Prime Music. Now I've tried a lot of music streaming services. I had Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music and now Amazon Prime Music (currently, my favorites are Spotify and Google Play Music). So, as I just wanted to test my new driver of music , I only neededa few searches to make me go jump.

I searched for ten songs - all very popular, and only four - yes four! - songs were found, while all the other streaming services have got all. But not only that. The website sucks and the apps as well. But I'll talk about apps a bit more when it comes to Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video

I get it now. You had to jump on the hype train. But is it really so hard to make a at least acceptable streaming service? Starting things off with the apps. Oh boy, the apps. I have a Nexus Player (Android TV) and a Chromecast; and of course a phone and computer. On my computer, it works quite fine, no complains there, except for the very ugly UI and horrible search. On my other devices on the other hand, it's terrible. You can already put the Chromecast in the trash bin, because there's no support at all - better get a Fire TV stick. For my Nexus Player, I had a bit of hope, because of many promising XDA posts and even a custom, material designed leanback launcher just for Prime Video. Awesome - I thought. Even after hours of installations, sideloading and searching the XDA forums, it didn't worked. And yes, you have to sideload all apps because Amazon did not publish any of the Prime apps to the Play Store.

Season 9 is not included.

And if this isn't enough, there aren't many popular movies or even blockbusters on Prime Video, and many aren't even included in your Prime subscription. Awesome! But series are even worse. For example on Netflix, you've got pretty much everything you want - accounts, recommendations, autoplay, a nice UI and so on. But on Prime Video, this stuff does not exist. Also, you have to hope that your favorite shows are there - while there are the most popular ones like Breaking Bad or The Big Bang Theory, other ones like Sherlock are completely missing. But don't think you can watch all seasons of your favorite show just like you're used to. Nope, the latest seasons are mostly not included. That also explains the low price...

You see, Netflix also has these little things that make it a pleasure to use. It's easily available on all platforms, it has individual plans and profiles so you can share your account with others. Amazon has none of that.


If you want just a little bit of everything, then use it! But if you want everything, in good quality, easy to use and with many nice features, then better get the real boys. It's that sad, yes.

That's just my opinion. Luckily, you can try pretty much every service free for at least 30 days. So just go test Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster and all the other crap.

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