Hey guys,

SkyStar photography is pretty awesome. I saw some photos on the internet and wanted to make my own one. If you want to do so too, here are the steps I've followed to get this photo.

What is needed for star photography?

There are a few aspects which are important for star photography. Those are time, location and weather. It should be new moon (so only the stars are visible - in my case, it was not new moon, but it's mostly better when it is not too bright), a dark place (so not a city) and in the middle of the night (in my case 1:00am).

Settings for the camera?

I took the photo with a exposure time of 25 seconds (you should not go longer because the stars won't be dots anymore, more like lines), an aperture of f4 (use the most open aperture), ISO 400 and focus on ∞. White balance is made by the camera (I'll can change it later in Camera RAW).

Editing in Camera RAW

The editing process it quite easy. I set the color temperature to about 4650 and the hue to +13. Then I increased the contrast to about +15 and the lights to +95, so I got this nice beamy look. Because of the roof in the foreground, I increased depths a little bit to about +5. Also the dynamics got to about +30. In the luminance settings I decreased the orange shades (because of the too bright roof) to about -40 and purple shades to about +90. Blue saturation gets to +15 and purple to +80, and the blue hue to -20, the purple hue to +80.

If you can understand German, I can recommend you this video by Benjamin Jaworskyj. There are some nice tips you might be interested in. This was my first photography how-to, I hope you enjoyed it!

But now get your camera and take some nice photos!



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