Hello guys!

I made my first app a few days ago: the Spotify Charts app.

Spotify Charts

It basicly shows you the top 50 or 100 songs of Spotify, but you can dive in your search results by choosing date, country, viral charts and weekly or daily. You can listen to a part of a song or listen it on Spotify, Google Play or YouTube. Of course the app is not done completely. These features will follow:

  • dive into information of the song
  • view lyrics
  • listen on other platforms like Deezer
  • (download it as mp3 via convert2mp3.net or an other service)


Maybe the app will be available on Google Play, I don't know yet. If it can download mp3-files in the final version, it will probably get banned from the Play Store, so it could also be that there are two versions of the app.


You can download the beta right here:

Download apk

If you haven't installed an apk yet, here is a nice tutorial about it.

Regards, Max

Code Mobile


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