I bought myself a new cellphone, the SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 (A500-FU). Before I was using a Galaxy S3 mini, with CyanogenMod 11 (KitKat 4.4.4) which worked great. So I was not sure to use TouchWiz on my new phone or flashing CyanogenMod. I made the comparison between both systems.


The biggest adventage of CyanogenMod is the huge amount of options in the personalization section. You can change everything - I thought. In CM11 it was so, but in CM12 now, most stuff changed. It is still very customizable, but some things you could change in CM11 earlier can not be changed. Also a few annoying things: when a notification comes in, the lockscreen turns on black/white for about a second. I haven't figured out how to change that yet. Also the battery performance is not so good as in TouchWiz, but the performance of the system is slightly better - about 4000 points more in AnTuTu. In CM11 you could easily enable root access. In CM12 it is a bit more hard and very incomfortable. It's hidden in the developer settings and whenever an app uses root, it will appear in the status bar. And that is really annoying. Another big point is: in CM is no bloadware! TouchWiz is filled with useless apps and sometimes it feels a bit overloaded and takes a lot of memory space and RAM. Also, in my opinion, the clear Android Lollipop design looks better than TouchWiz does. Of course it is a matter of taste.

  •   Better performance
  •   No bloadware
  •   Better personalization
  •   Worse battery performance


To be honest, there is one bloadware app which is useful - if you want. The Dropbox app. If you login with your account, you'll get 50 gb of free space - but only for two years. Awesome. Some of the stupid apps like Ass Voice or Ass Planer are really useless. Come on, Google Now and the Google Calender are so much better! But the worst app is My Galaxy. It is so annoying. You can't disable it, also with root rights. It drains the battery so much because it always scans for viruses or wants to clean your system. In TW, you can also use themes. Nice idea, poorly implemented. You can use preinstalled themes, but can't install more, like the Galaxy S6 can. But there are also nice extrafeatures like Multi Window, which lets you split your screen and use two apps at the same time, some cool gesture controls and the ultra battery safe mode. Cool is that you can easily root it with KingRoot, a one-click rooter for Lollipop. I don't know if it gets fixed but it is currently working. I really hate the stock launcher of TW with Flipboard. Of course you can change the launcher (I really like the Google Now Launcher) but you can't uninstall Flipboard. Waste of memory. And this is the biggest disadvantage: Waste of memory. Everywhere. At least the battery performance is better, but the system is a bit slower.

  •   Better battery performance
  •   Nice extra features
  •   Gesture controls
  •   Worse performance
  •   Worse personalization
  •   Waste of memory through bloadware

For my opinion, CyanogenMod is the clear winner, but everybody has to decide for themselves. If you are more into performance, personalization and want to really be the boss of your phone, then I'll recommend you CyanogenMod. If you are more in daily and casual usage, you can stay at TouchWiz.



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