Hey there!

I had this very bright LED lamp in my room, which is a bit annoying while watching YouTube or so. So I made myself a not too bright LED lamp which also looks pretty cool and let you think you’re a hipster. Trust me. You aren’t.

Watch the video:

Or read on:

For the wineglass LED lamp you’ll need the following parts:

  • a wineglass and decorative sheet
  • LEDs (I’ve chosen green ones, but normal white ones also look good) with fitting resistor
  • a housing for the LEDs
  • some wire
  • a DC jack
  • a switch
  • transparent tape
  • an AC adapter (I used a 12V 1.5A power supply which is of course an overkill, but I had it laying around)

First, solder the LEDs in serial with a resistor to the positive side of the first LED. Then hot glue them in the housing.

Then connect the LEDs with resistor to the switch, the switch to the DC jack and the negative side of the LEDs to the negative pin of the DC jack. Let’s try it and power it on!

I was a genius and used duct tape instead of transparent tape, but I fixed it now. It looks pretty awesome when it’s dark and if you hot glue also the connections from the LEDs (so everything is perfectly isolated), you can also fill water inside of the wineglass. Looks also cool.

If you are really hard-core, you could also connect the LEDs to a microcontroller and let the LEDs flicker. Or if you are lazy, put an electronic candle inside. Hell, put a normal candle inside!

Have fun!



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